Frequently Asked Questions

What does the University buy?

Since the University must provide for administrative, academic, research, and individual student needs, many different products and services are purchased.


How does the University buy?

As per the Federal Government institutions rules and policies ( Cabinet Resolution # ( 4) 2019 for Procurement Procedures and stores Management)  , the main purchasing method is tendering and requesting comparative prices from registered vendors in the University systems, then study the offer technically and financially by specialized committees, then choose the  

For the frequent purchases like stationary and hospitality items, or LAB consumables, the University tender to specialized companies and make a fixed Price Agreements for a duration of 1 year or more.


How do I contact Procurement Services?

You can reach Tenders & Procurement Dept. via e-mail at:


OR visit us to:

UAE University - Al Ain

Crescent Building - 2nd Floor - D3

Tenders & Procurement Dept.


How does a supplier get invitations on bids?

Vendors must be registered in the University's procurement portal. To register, simply complete the vendor registration requirements, and list your company’s’ activities which will help in selecting potential vendors per tender.


Suppliers, who have not already done so, should complete a vendor registration and indicate the goods and services that they provide. This information aids us in determining a list of potential vendors participate in a tender.

When each Tender is initiated, the Finance Officer will select prospective bidders from that list. Being registered in our vendor database does not guarantee you will be invited to bid on UAEU projects as invitations sent as per the vendor activity list. However, by completing a vendor registration, you will become eligible for automated notices of any Tenders going matching your activity. You may also check our current Tenders form the portal front-page for Tenders you may be interested at.

It is suggested that you contact the concerned Finance Officer if you wish to get additional.

When a bid inquiry is sent to you be sure to respond, even if only to indicate "regret" with reasons.


How does a vendor find out if they have won a Tender?

After receiving bids from participants in the closing date, the bids envelop opened by the purchasing committee, then sent to be studied technically and financially, based on that study the purchasing committee choose the best candidate, then an official awarding notification is sent to the winner/ winners, also, a non-awarding notification is send to participants how didn’t won with clarification.


How are Tenders award decisions made by the Purchasing committee?

Tendering document include the financial and technical evaluation criteria and the weight of it as per the following:



Project Type











Bids get studied technically and financially, only technically complied bids will be transferred to be studied financially. Awarding goes to the bidder that best meets the specifications.

What can vendors do to ensure that their bid is correct?

It is important to carefully read the RFQ and tenders terms and the project requirement. also, the Bid Bond (if required) must be comply. Vendor must return the entire original tender document by the indicated deadline.


Is the University tax exempt?

NO. The University commits to tax laws in all its purchases .


When will a payment for an invoice be received?

Payments are made generally within 30 days on most invoices. Other factors may come into play that may delay payment. These may include receipt of incorrect items, incorrect invoices, damage in shipment, invoices sent to wrong address, etc.

UAEU tries to resolve these issues with the vendor in an expedient manner so as not to delay payment unreasonably.


Where should invoices be sent?


Invoices should be submitted to the Finance Officer or to the "Ship to" address indicated on the purchase order