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Before you start sign-up for a new account take a moment and try to search for your company record in our registration database. Please enter part of the company official name and click Search. If you cannot find the company record or you are sure that your company never been registered in our registration database, please click the sign-up button.

NOTE : Free Zone's Company Is Not Allowed To Register as per Federal Law (32/2014)

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Please read and accept the UAEU eProcurement terms and conditions before sign-up.

Required Documents for vendor registration:

  • Valid Trade License issued from the concerned Emirate Municipality.
  • Valid Chamber Membership.
  • Authorized Signature Verification.
  • Power of attorney (if the authorized person is not the owner). 

General Terms for Vendor Registration in United Arab Emirate University:

Vendor/Service provider should carefully read the following terms and conditions and acknowledge accepting them as an obligatory condition prior to proceeding in the Vendor Registration processes and be registered in United Arab Emirates University E-Procurement Portal

I confirm on behalf of the requesting company for registration herein United Arab Emirates University’s E-Procurement Portal and as an authorized person to request vendor registration in United Arab Emirates University’s E-Procurement portal and do hereby undertake that:

  1. All information provided to United Arab Emirates University through vendor registration processes is true and accurate and reflects the real status of our business entity.
  2. I understand that completing vendor registration does not guarantee that my company will receive tender invitations.
  3. Registration is valid for one calendar year starting from the approval day; and that I am responsible for the renewal of my vendor registration with United Arab Emirates University before the expiry date.
  4. I understand very well that in case of shortage or complete data the wrong way, or a lack of required documents, the application for registration or renewal will be refused, which affects the speed of registration or renewal procedures.
  5. All the required documents are submitted through scanning and uploading it in e-Procurement portal. It must be clear, legible, A4 in size and PDF format.
  6. Vendor Name must be identical to the Trade name that mentioned in the license.
  7. I should choose commercial activities included in the license.
  8. I acknowledge that none of the company owners is working in United Arab Emirates University.
  9. Our company is not from forbidden companies in participating in tenders or practices carried out by any of the government institutions.
  10. I understand that it is my responsibility to update my account in United Arab Emirates University’s Vendor Registration system with any changes in the contact information and/or business status. Failure to renew Vendor Registration in E-Procurement Portal will result in not receiving ‘tender’ invitations, clarification, and/or updates from in United Arab Emirates University.
  11. I should send valid copies of vendor documents to Tenders and Procurement Department. 
  12. I should send formal letter to Tenders and Procurement Department in case of changing information in Company Profile:
    • License, title, location.
    • Bank Account Information.
    • Other information.
  13. Tenders and Procurement Department will evaluate the vendor and the University has the right to cancel registration or suspended vendor from participation according to Evaluation Criteria:
    • Compliance with contractual terms including (duration, quantity, quality… etc).
    • Communicate efficiently and to respond to correspondence.
    • Availability of qualified and professional human resources.
    • Efficiency and achievement speed. 
    • Health, Safety and Environment Management.
    • Submission of required documents, for example: invoices, reports, guarantees... etc.

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